What to expect

The first consultation takes about 45 minutes with each subsequent treatment taking about 30 minutes.

On your first consultation a full case history will be taken to assess your general well being as well as the nature of your pain or injury.
Your past medical history including previous illnesses, operations and accidents will be explored with you.

Following this you will be examined in your underclothes* so that the Osteopath is able to see the shape of the spine and the asymmetries of the body.
*(Alternative clothing such as shorts, leggings, vests or sports wear may be worn if it is more comfortable for the patient)

A number of guided movements will be carried out by the patient followed by a hands on examination of the injured area by the Osteopath with special tests of the injured area and the areas related to it.

The Osteopath will then explain what appears to be the problem, why it has happened and will explain what can be done to help. Treatment will begin once it has been deemed safe to do so and once everything is fully understood by the patient.

If further testing is needed such as an x-ray or blood tests then you may also be referred to your GP.

At the end of the treatment, a management plan will be discussed with the patient.